Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Most of my friends will tell you I have a little bit of mad scientist in me, I have a half dozen little workbench projects going at any time, repair and upgrade my laptop myself, and am constantly picking up tools and gadgets at yard sales, thrift stores, or on sale. I didn't get that way over night, really it is the result of a lifetime loving tinkering, an obsession with scifi tech as it becomes real (seriously, look at your smartphone, thing has more processing power than all the computer banks of the Enterprise in the original Trek), there is however a series of books that I love to look at for ideas and to brush up on certain subjects.

What is that series? Why, the Evil Genius series,  of course. Written by a variety of authors who are each experts in their field and aimed primarily at a younger audience they are still great fun to read. I have several of their books on pdf or in print, though the hardcopy I am saving for when I have a kid some day who wants to start tinkering in their old man's seeeeecret laboratory. I'm not going to claim to have all, or even most of them, the series has more than thirty books and over a thousand separate projects at this point that are great for the DIY'er who is looking to pick up some new tricks or wants a little help passing them on to the next generation of mastermind on a budget.

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