Friday, June 22, 2012

Border Security

So there is a lot of talk in the news and political circles about the end-run that president Obama did around congress, declaring that illegal immigrants under 30 would not be investigated or deported. Some people are fine with it and some aren't. What I find amazing is how this has, seemingly, boosted the president's approval amongst Latinos above 60%. Sure we are all immigrants or descended from immigrants (unless you are like one of my cousins and can reasonably claim native ancestry, and even she will tell you she has more than a little euro blood in her) and we should all be forgiving. I get that, but there are a few points that argument forgets.

Point one would be that you can't really have a nation if you don't control your borders, an open border makes it impossible to effectively collect taxes since you have large portions of the populous who live in one nation seasonally to work and another to claim it as their  homeland and evade income taxes. There's also the issue of national security, with no effective border control criminals can come and go as the please, committing crimes here and passing in to Canada or, honestly far more likely, Mexico to evade prosecution. In point of fact controlling the border has, traditionally, been the purview of the military despite the fact that in the United States we have a policing agency do it.

The second point goes to fairness. Obviously we can't deport every illegal alien, the logistics of that task are... well, mind boggling. We need to control our borders and then start investigating and screening illegal aliens. Felon? You get booted out of here never to return, but if you have no crimes (other than coming here illegally of course) on your record, can prove you are taking steps to provide for yourself and your family, and are willing to take the needed steps I have no real problem with you being put on the path to citizenship. I still believe this country was made great by immigration after all, by accepting those who had the drive to come here and seek a better life, I just also believe we need to be sensible about it.

Before I end this post I'm going to address one more issue the open border crowd makes, they point to how many jobs there are that American workers won't do that are necessary to the nation on some level. Well... bullshit, the fact of the matter is Americans won't do them at that price is all, and if those sectors of the economy are running on that tight a margin there is something wrong with how things are being run, my first inclination is to blame central planning and government tampering. Look at every empire that has collapsed (America is an empire, make no doubt about it, foreign correspondents comment on a pax americana for a reason) and at the end they fell partly because their house was not in order, they relied on an immigrant caste to do the hard work for them  while their own populous grew soft, weak willed and effete. The answer to Americans not doing the job isn't importing workers, it's getting our own house in order.

I'm going to leave one last thing, I may not agree with the writer's perspective in total, but they do make some good points in this article at Nuking Politics, and if you want to learn a bit more about the issue it is a good read.

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